​Taking your measurements correctly is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Your chinks/chaps are custom made just for you and cannot be returned. Please be sure of your measurements before ordering. It is always best to use a cloth measuring tape and you should always have another person there to measure for you. You'll need to be precise when taking your measurements if you have to take them yourself then you will be bending and twisting and this will alter the outcome of a correct measurement. Please refer to the diagram below to assist in your measuring. 

When in doubt how to measure correctly, give us a call we will gladly walk you through the process. 

  • ​1.  Waist- where chaps are to be worn.  Usually, directly below the belt.
  • 2.  Rise- From the Upper thigh to below the belt. 
  • 3.  UPPER THIGH- Around the largest part of the leg. 
  • 4.  MID THIGH- Halfway between your upper thigh and knee.
  • 5.  KNEE-  (Chaps only) Around the knee with knee slightly bent. 
  • ​6.  CALF-  Around the largest part of your calf. 
  • 7.  OUTSEAM- Chaps- From waist measurement to the floor.
  • 8.  INSEAM- From your crotch to the floor. 

How To Measure for Chinks or Chaps.